Terms and Conditions

The Red List Is an adult directory site, and as such you must be over the age of 18 to enter the
1.1 – When you enter the site you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18.
1.2 – Any material published on The Red List website is owned by The Red List and must not be
reproduced at anytime without the prior written consent of the website operators.
1.3 The Red List offers online advertising services for escorts and any user who purchases our
services is bound by these terms and conditions.
1.4 Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without notification. If you
would like to view the current terms and conditions, or you are concerned about a
particular term please email The Red List.
1.5 The user is a directory only and it is up to the user to verify the accuracy of information.
1.6 The user consents to receiving email or text communication from The Red List.
1.7 The user is under no obligation to agree to these terms and conditions, however using
the site is implicit acceptance of such terms.
1.8 The user acknowledges that they will not disrupt the services of the website.
1.9 The user agrees that they will not use the website for any illegal activities.
1.10 If the user is found to be in breach of these terms the user acknowledges that they
lose the ability to use the site without notice.

The Red List provides online marketing services to escorts.
2.1 – By advertising with The Red List you agree to these terms and conditions.
2.2 – You agree that you are over the age of 18.
2.3 – You agree that you are independent and not employed or under contract with any
2.4 – You agree that you own the photographs and other promotional material; or that you
have copyright over such images and content.
2.5 – You agree that you will not impersonate or misrepresent yourself in any, way, shape or
form and that any information you give us is correct.
2.6 – You agree that you will not advertise on another website and that you have an
exclusive contract with The Red List.
2.7 – If you are found to be in breach of these terms, you acknowledge that your
subscription may cease and you may be liable for charges for the remainder of the duration
of the contract.
2.8 – You agree that The Red List has the authority to use any photographs that you have supplied.
This includes the use of images on the website, social media or any other promotional
2.9 – You authorise The Red List to use these images without royalties or any additional payment.
2.10 – The Red List has the authority to alter any images as it sees fit.
2.11 – You agree that you will supply images that align with the vision of the website.

2.12 – You agree that any images and other advertising material will be reviewed by The Red List
and that it is at the sole discretion of the operators to reject it if it is found to be in breach of
Australian state, territory or federal legislation.
2.13 – You will not post a link to any other website on this website.
2.14 – You consent to receiving electronic communications from the website which may be
text, or email communications.
2.15 – You agree that if you accept these terms and conditions, you have accepted the
copyright policy, privacy statement, disclaimer and acceptable use policy.
2.16 – You agree to prepay you advertisement in full. Failure to do so could result in it being
suspended at any time.
2.17 – Advertising commences on the date that payment is received.
2.18 – Fees and charges are subject to change at the direction of The Red List.
2.19 – The Red List reserves the right to suspend any advertising at anytime if it wishes.
2.20 – If images are found to be outdated then the advertiser must supply current and up to
date images.
2.21 – The advertiser is at no obligation to accept these terms and conditions.
2.22 – Advertisers have the ability to verify their images if they wish.
2.23 – Advertisers will only receive the verified mark of approval if The Red List is satisfied with
their authenticity.
2.24 – The Red List reserves the right to remove a profile if the advertiser is found to be in breach
of these terms or bring the website into disrepute.
3.1 – Payment can be made via Bpay or direct bank transfer to the nominated bank account.
3.2 – Payments are due on the date listed on the invoice.
3.3 – Email notifications will be sent X days before payment is due. The advertiser will have
48 hours following, to make payment.
3.4 – All fees are inclusive of GST (10%)

4.1 – Refunds are at the discretion of The Red List In accordance with state, territory and federal
Australian legislation.
4.2 – No refunds will be given for change of mind.
4.3 – Any refund issued will be paid within seven days of processing.

5.1 – Content shall be removed from the website if the advertiser cancels their subscription
however it may remain indexed on third party site engines, which The Red List has no control

6.1 – If the user or advertiser is unsure of the terms and conditions of the website they have
the ability to seek legal advice should they wish.
6.2 – The Red List will abide by relevant legislation in relation to discrimination.
6.3 – If a user or advertiser suspects they are facing discrimination, they have the right to
contact the website to resolve such issues.
6.4 – You agree you will not post fraudulent content on the website.

6.5 – You agree that you will not use the website to break the law.
6.6 – You agree you will not post offensive materials or harmful content.

7.1 – Your information may be produced to site users, another service provider, regulatory
or government agencies, other parties as required by law or participants in the payments
7.2 – You have the right to access information about yourself and request its removal should
you wish.
7.3 – You acknowledge that we use Cookies, which helps us to maintain your browsing
session and to remember your site preferences.
7.4 – If you wish to make a complaint about how we operate, you can complain directly to
us. If you are still not satisfied with how we have acted, you can contact to the Office of the
Australian Information Commissioner
7.5 – We allow you to use the website without identifying yourself.
7.6 – This privacy policy is subject to change at anytime.

8.1 – No information on this website shall be reproduced without prior written consent of
the website’s owner.